Company Policies



In order to achieve the company’s entire objective, we have a special emphasis on “QUALITY”, which is the hallmark in our service delivery.

The Following is Ensured So That Our Quality is NOT Compromised;

  • Use only trusted and approved brands of material and other products
  • Ensure tools and equipment are checked and certified periodically
  • Material must be tested and approved before use
  • Guarantee on our services
  • Work within relevant and widely accepted standards, such as SANS, ASME, etc.
  • Periodic checks and monitoring after service provided
  • Satisfy customer’s demand

Safety - Health &

Environmental Policy

  • Our Technical team undergoes periodic health and safety training, organized by the company, through a professional health and safety practitioner.
  • Nevertheless, our workers will also attend all safety meetings to be organized by your department.
  • Our workers will also adhere to the lawful directives of your company’s supervisors and safety officers as to specific requirement.

All tools, equipment and material used are safe and suitable for work.
  • We allocate suitably trained and sufficiently competent workers to particular tasks, and such tasks are carried out without risk to other workers, equipment or the environment.
  • Worker’s activities are however restricted to the particular area, unless otherwise directed by the department head.
  • Our workers are provided with the necessary and suitable P.P.E, such as, helmet, safety boots, overall, gloves, hearing protection, etc.
  • Supervisors ensure all workers wear their P.P.E. before entering work site. Under NO circumstance should any worker be allowed on site without the P.P.E.
The use of alcohol and other illegal drugs are not allowed on site. Workers are therefore tested and carefully monitored, and immediately dismissed if found guilty.
Security personnels are positioned at vantage points, to ensure our workers, materials and equipment are secured. Also, workers are searched before entering and exiting site, to ensure that no illegal or unapproved objects are carried along.
Approval will be sought before any connection or disruption of service of any utility is undertaken.
Our drivers will observe all speed limits, traffic rules and other r3quirements on the site.
All signs and warnings on site will be observed.
As part of our pre-site drills, workers are reminded about safety and environmental procedures before moving to site.
We operate with a high sense of responsibility to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ghana, and other environmental rules where stated.

We provide small first aid facilities to handle minor injuries. But where injury is major we will seek the facility provided by your company.

We shall report all accidents or injuries to your Project Manager and your Health and Safety Department giving the cause and our proposed remedial actions, within 24 hours of occurrence.

However, our workers on site are covered by Workman Compensation Insurance’ Policy

We shall maintain a clean and safe site, as part of our working culture.

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